Honey In The Hive

by The Bigger Lovers

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Many thanks to the following: Thom Monahan; Brian McTear; Glenn Dicker, Tor Hansen, March Schatz, Stephen Judge and all at Yep Roc/Red Eye; Ingmar Van Wijnsbergen and all at Munich; Bob Andrews; Meggean Ward; Kevin French; Jen Leimgruber; Jeffrey Booth at Squaresville; Collette Hain; Lori Hill; Tom Ussia; Elise Brown; Tyler Harold; John Hampton; Steve Stone; Bruce Warren and all at WXPN; Jim McGuinn, Dan Fein and all at Y100; Kurt Hernon; Ass Ponys; Ramon Sender for the Acetone; Amy Morrissey for the guitar; Anna Borg at TallBoy; and anyone who came to see a show, bought a record, bought us a drink, wrote nice things about us, lent us a spare guitar, let us sleep on your couch, floor or futon, or helped us change a tire.


released August 27, 2002

Produced by Thom Monahan
Engineered by Brian McTear

Recorded roughly during the Winter Olympiad 2002 at Miner Street, Philadelphia, PA.
Mixed March-May 2002 by Thom Monahan at Miner Street.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA.

The Bigger Lovers are:
Patrick Berkery
Ed Hogarty
Scott Jefferson
Bret Tobias

All songs written by Bret Tobias (Mary Metcalf Music, ASCAP) and/or Scott Jefferson (What's That Horrible Music?, BMI)

All songs arranged by The Bigger Lovers.

Additional musicianship courtesy of Thom Monahan & Brian McTear.

Legal: Bill Burton

Booking: Kevin French, Big Shot Touring

Flower photography by Tom Ussia
Live photo by Tom Hogarty
Layout by SPJ


E-mail: biggerlovers@gmail.com



all rights reserved
Track Name: Half Richard's
"...as sweet as rhubarb pie"
Track Name: A Simple "How Are You?"
"...part of the strange things that happen each and every day"
Track Name: Emmanuelle
"...Emmanuelle! Emmanuelle! Emmanuelle!"
Track Name: Make Your Day
"The wine has made it easier..."
Track Name: They Haunt Me Still
"Sometimes the bile makes it easier to live"
Track Name: Bought Your Ghost
"I wish you wouldn't have bet wrong..."
Track Name: Don't Know Why
"I'd like to stay awake and hang, but I'm afraid..."
Track Name: What Would It Take?
"Does it seem strange that I am even asking?"
Track Name: You're In Love, Again
"...you've got all the pieces so discrete"
Track Name: Ivy Grows
"I'm content to be its host..."
Track Name: Minivan Blues
"Nailed to the earth, I'll stay"